Medical providers receive extra discount on early bird beds.

25% Medical Provider Discount

"Whenever there’s someone in need of care, medical providers are always there!"

- Earl E. Bird

*25% Discount can be applied sitewide to your entire order, and cannot be combined with other offers. ** is an Early Bird service provider, and is only permitted to use your information for the purpose of verifying your eligibility for the discount.

Applicable Professions:

Doctor - Nurse - Physician Assistant - Dentist - Dental Assistant -Certified Medical Assistant - Chiropractor -Clinical Counselor - Psychologist  or Therapist - Clinical Technician (ex:  Pharmacy Technician, Dialysis Technician, Laboratory Technician, etc.) Diagnostic Medical Personnel - Registered Dietitian - Respiratory Therapist Physical or occupational therapist - Physical or occupational therapy assistant - Licensed clinical social worker - Pharmacist